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Okay that’s it. I’m so done with David Hewlett. Just get outta my way with your sweet cheeks and that pile of sugar that you call a face, will you, you cuddly science dork?!


Not forgetting his fawn nose, crazy long eyelashes, sweet pumpkin tushie and expressive hands.

Sweet pumpkin tushie FTW!

Well, how positively moving. I almost wish I could shoot you all at once.

Anonymous whispered: My personal headcanon for Rodney's parents and his childhood come directly from TechnoScribe's "Breaking Walls". Basically they are shitty parents that are happy to be rid of their son as soon as possible. And given everything in canon, I find it to be perfectly plausible. 10/10 would recommend this fic.

Ooo, I haven’t read that fic. I looked it up and it promises Rodney whump, which is my favorite 8D Adding it to my list of fics to read - thank you so much, anon!


Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay

inspired by (x)

Tony Stark & Rodney McKay

Girl!Rodney McShep fics

I want them all in one convenient list. So:

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