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Rodney on SG1 is so interesting to me. Rodney’s opinion was based on logic but we root for Sam because we know and love her.

That’s what’s so great about his growth on SGA.   You take 48 Hours-him and then think about years later, if literally anyone on Atlantis found themselves in the same situation as Teal’c, especially anyone on his team, Rodney would never behave the same way he did then.   I doubt it would even cross his mind tbh.   Which is why I love what he tells hallucination!Sam in Grace Under Pressure, he doesn’t think she’s smarter, maybe they are equals, but she’s wiser.   And that’s the perfect point in time for him to admit that, because Rodney is in full-swing of getting used to factoring in what his heart wants despite what his brain keeps telling him.   Even specifically in that episode - his brain tells him no one is coming for him, but his heart knows they will.   Oh God, my feelings.

Rodney would definitely never think to abandon someone trapped in a stargate. Hell, look at what he did for John in The Last Man. Rodney has learned John’s lesson  ”we don’t leave people behind” - and takes it to heart. Rodney learns to value others and is shown that he has value to people that goes beyond his brain and what makes him useful. Which I’ve always thought was probably a first for him.

Rodney had the best character growth over the franchise run, but TPTB could also be so wishy-washy. If something tht makes Rodney look incompetent or terrible could be played for laughs, they’d go for it (like Rodney’s ability to shoot. Sometimes he shoots well, but when they want a laugh, Rodney suddenly can’t hit *anything*. Rodney’s treatment of women improves - he doesn’t hit on Sam in every episode, in every scene - but he still stares at whosits breasts in SGU).


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Okay that’s it. I’m so done with David Hewlett. Just get outta my way with your sweet cheeks and that pile of sugar that you call a face, will you, you cuddly science dork?!


Not forgetting his fawn nose, crazy long eyelashes, sweet pumpkin tushie and expressive hands.

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Well, how positively moving. I almost wish I could shoot you all at once.

Anonymous whispered: My personal headcanon for Rodney's parents and his childhood come directly from TechnoScribe's "Breaking Walls". Basically they are shitty parents that are happy to be rid of their son as soon as possible. And given everything in canon, I find it to be perfectly plausible. 10/10 would recommend this fic.

Ooo, I haven’t read that fic. I looked it up and it promises Rodney whump, which is my favorite 8D Adding it to my list of fics to read - thank you so much, anon!


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